Commercials, films, video games, weddings, long runs, basketball games, monkeys dancing
on street corners, first kisses, bar fights and skate tricks are all better with a song.
Don't you agree?

There is more to discovering music than simply searching for a "genre" or a "mood."
Those queries are like doorways into rooms with only one chair.
Our filters and sliders will help you find something a bit more fleshed out.

To us, high quality means best songs, best sound. So we only keep tracks that are worth being found.
(Sorry, that wasn't supposed to rhyme).

Our motto is cut the fat, show the song. Get what you came for, and go make something with it.
That's why everything here is easy and straight forward.

We feel for music supervisors.
Your ears have taken a lot of punishment at the hands of bad production music.
It's time for that to end and libraries full of real music to rise up.

We put our partners first.
That's why publishing rights stay with their owners and never line our pockets.

Music doesn't need a translator.
It speaks a language that you were born fluent in. You just need to find your song.